Our Story

Death may be the greatest of all human blessings


In March of 2013 due to the tragic death of Denim McLean, the name sake of the non-profit organization, the agency has shifted its mission to not only embrace and guide the future leaders of tomorrow but to also provide a supportive network for mothers and caregivers morning children who unexpectedly lost their lives.

Denim McLean was two years old when he tragically lost his life on March 30, 2013.  He and his mother, Wendy McLean, were together, along with over a dozen other pedestrians, when they were struck by a motorist that jumped the sidewalk and crashed into the scaffolding.  Denim and his mother were 2 of the most severely injured and Denim McLean was the only fatality.  When death comes without warning, the shock and disbelief can be overwhelming. It is never in the natural order of things for a child to die before his or her parents, and this can be especially intense when the death is sudden and/or violent. There is no opportunity to prepare, resolve misunderstandings, or “say good-bye.” Life for the parents and siblings is changed forever, often in an instant, and it takes time for the reality of what has happened to sink in.

To commemorate the birthday of Denim and the relaunch of Denim Kids’ mission to include the additional services related to providing a safe and supportive space for caregivers feeling the despair of losing a child, Wendy McLean is planning a series of benefit concerts in NYC the first to be executed on December 1st, 2013.

Consistent with Wendy McLean’s giving spirit, she has decided to continue to work with young children in the community in a variety of capacities.  This event will include the friends and family of Denim along with the children that reside in the community to celebrate his life and those of other identified children who lost their lives too soon.